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Parging can really help you keep your home safe and sound without spending a lot of money. However, parging done by an inexperienced contractor is simply a waste of money. This is where Astra Construction can come to your rescue. With professionalism and integrity, Astra Construction ensures you that the job will be done right the very first time. We also guarantee that parging done by us will have the longest possible lifespan.

We believe in 3 golden principles that are providing high quality services to our client in timely manner within their budget. Astra Construction believes in giving our clients an experience of their lifetime in addition to a safe and secure house.

An Edmonton Parging Contractor

A flooded basement or seepage affect in your home cannot only put the safety of your house in jeopardy, but it can also have an adverse effect on its aesthetics. This is perhaps one of the worst things a house owner an experience in his entire life. It is not only a threat to the structural stability of the house, but it can lead to the mold as well. Most often, untreated basements and unattended cracks are the biggest reasons of these molds and floods. There are many methods to resolve this problem and the most common of them is parging.

Parging is a method in which professionals like Astra Construction put a coat on your walls which acts as a barrier. This barrier prevents water from seeping into the walls and basement. As a result, your walls and basement remain safe from molds and moisture related damage. You can also use parging for preventing the water from entering the basement or sealing the cracks in the walls.

Parging can also be referred as a technique to finish your home walls. As compared to stucco, parging uses a masonry-based mortar. You can use this material on both existing and new walls as well as on residential and commercial buildings.

Types of Parging

There are basically two types of parging. Thy acrylic parging is superior in quality to the cement parging which is very easy to prepare and install. The former is available in a variety of colors and textures as well. It is also relatively expensive due to its greater aesthetic appeal and durability.

Some Common Benefits of Parging

Parging offers many great benefits to the homeowners and some of them are as under.

  • One of the best methods to seal cracks in the walls is to use parging. Parging makes your place safer than before by sealing this cracks for a long time.
  • You can easily paint the parged wall or surface. It simply means that you have unlimited colors to choose from. You can paint the walls after your own heart as compared to stucco which offers you limited colors.
  • You can also use parging to seal bug holes in the walls.
  • It is an inexpensive and easy option to beautify your dirty and unattractive surfaces.

Disadvantages of Parging

Despite its numerous benefits, parging also have some drawbacks which you should seriously consider. Following are some of those drawbacks.

  • It can cover serious structural damage. An inexperienced person cannot spot these damages if they are covered with parging.
  • If you paint the parging, you have to remove the paint completely if you want to repair or totally replace parging.
  • As parging has a lot of sand in it, sometimes it just give way, exposing your home to dangers like flooded basements and leaked walls.

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