Exterior & Interior Stone Finishing Installation

If you are looking for a high quality and visually stunning stone to embellish your exterior walls, you have come to the right place. Astra Construction is a leading installer of natural and manufactured stone exterior and interior finishing.

We realize that nothing can be more valuable to you than your family and home. Therefore, we leave no stone unturned to bring your dream of having a beautiful home to life.

We are an installer of natural and cultured stone based in the Edmonton, Alberta and surrounding areas.

Natural Stone Exterior Wall Finishing

Astra Construction is a proven and reputable installer of natural stone for exterior wall finishing systems. Boasting a large selection, featuring natural stones like marble, limestone, sandstone, travertine, granite, and others. We are detailed oriented making us long term contractors for some reputable builders and clients in the region.

Our main specialty is exterior wall finishing systems. We mostly design and refine the natural stone accordingly. Natural stones has always fascinated homeowners and craftsmen alike as our history is enveloped in stone construction. Our craftsmen rely on years of experience and superior technical skills to further design these stones to make them a visual treat. No matter your need for stone in decorating your home or office walls, we provide various designs and styles of stone as well as turnkey solutions to all your exterior finishing problems.

We also offer installation for both full veneer and thin veneer varieties of natural stone to our customers. The full veneer will add charm and beauty with a range of interesting colors and grains, creating a design which complements rest of your house. On the other hand, thin veneer is affordable and light weight but still offers all the beauty and quality which traditional stone offers.

Natural stones designs can add timeless class and appeal to the exterior or interior of your home. They bring beauty of the outdoor to your architecture by seamlessly blending with the environment.

Manufactured Stone Exterior Wall Finishing

Astra Construction also provides superior quality and stunningly beautiful, manufactured stone for exterior finishing to different clients in the region. As a matter of fact, we have been familiarized with the manufactured stone industry for quite some time now. We imitate some of the most popular designs of natural stones to provide an economic yet aesthetic alternative to natural stone.

Cultured or manufactured stone is an outstanding replacement of natural stone. It offers same beauty, elegance, class and depth but at a fraction of the cost of natural stone. In this regard, we can suggest an extensive cultured stone product line with gorgeous and unique colors and textures.

You can easily use any of our cultured stones to impart unparalleled class and beauty to your building, big or small. The products we utilize go through stern quality tests, ensuring quality solutions for all our clients.

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