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Stucco is one of the most versatile high quality exterior finishing options you can consider as a finish for your exterior walls. It is not merely resilient, but adds visual aesthetics and class to your business or home. As with cement or mortar, stucco can be used as a building material as well.

It does not matter if you are building a new construction or reconstructing the old one, stucco should be a top choice when it comes to building materials. Stucco has a history and has been in application for over a century now because of initial low cost, utility and minimum need of maintenance.

Astra Construction is a big and reliable name when it comes to stucco installation, repair and maintenance. We have been the industry leaders for years and have hundreds of satisfied and happy clients across Western Canada. Some of our high-quality stucco services include:

Stucco Installation

Since the inception of our company, we have been offering both residential and commercial clients with top-of-the-line stucco installation services. We specialize in various types of stucco installations ranging from traditional stucco to two and three coat systems. We accommodate to the requirements of both the commercial and residential buildings. Similarly, we additionally offer value added services including and fiber glass mesh embedment & acrylic finish coats in our stucco finishing.

Exterior Insulation and Finishing System (EIFS)

EIFS is one of the more popular type of exterior wall finishing systems that consists of an insulated finished surface complete with waterproofing as part of a greater integrated composite material system. It is often called “synthetic stucco”, but EIFS is not stucco and various systems of EIFS exist. The most common is barrier EIFS and basic EIFS which is in turn also known as conventional EIFS. Water drainage capacity and capabilities have been added to an EIFS systems, these systems are known as EIFS with Drainage.

The advantages of EIFS is not just the durability and the reliability, but the functionality along with the beauty of the finish and best part they can be moulded in to architectural details. EIFS mouldings, more commonly referred to as stucco mouldings are offered in a diversity of sizes and shapes. They are broadly used on residential and commercial projects in North America and are recognized all around the globe. EIFS mouldings are typically attached to the outer side of the exterior walls utilizing mechanical fasteners or an adhesive. Adhesives are commonly used to attach EIFS to concrete substrates, gypsum board or cement board. EIFS comprises of many layers that are installed in the followed sequence. The most basic EIFS (a barrier EIFS) consists of 4 layers.

1. The first of the layers is a High-Performance Vapor Barrier with a Non-cementitious Water Resistive Membrane.

2. Next is a layer of foam plastic insulation (also called simply “foam”) that comes in the format of sheets. Expanded Polystyrene is a type of insulated most EIFS use, that is also called EPS.

3. The third is a reinforced layer that is applied onto the face of the insulation, comprising of a fiberglass strengthening network.

4. The last topcoat is a colored and textured paint-like material that is applied via trowel and very rarely by spraying. A wide range of textures and colors are present along with custom color options. The types of available textures include rough “stucco-like” material, smooth surfaces, embedded stone chips, multi-color and even brick-like appearances. This layer is known as the finish coat.

Acrylic Stucco

Acrylic Stucco is combination of high- performance acrylics specially blended for breath-ability, texture, adhesion, flexibility and toughness. An Acrylic finish is achieved by adding a special ceramic along with an aggregate compound to form a surface of stucco texture which is not present in normal parched blend ratios of stucco. Water has no affect on it nor can moisture penetrate it. It is designed to stay down for a long bonding life. It will not crack and peel. It is UV-protected for a longer life and is durable in face of all kinds of weather conditions, humid or dry, hot or cold. It is tough and durable to provide years of service and added beauty.

Creative Designs

We eagerly take on challenges and experiment with our designs to provision our clients with exclusive and spell bounding stucco designs. We constantly evolve our techniques, formula and designs. This helps us push the boundaries of what is possible with the stucco. Following are some of the most important stucco techniques we are experienced in:

  • Traditional Stucco finish
  • Notti Veneziane Antique Velvet Finish
  • Exterior Insulation Finishing
  • Natural Stone
  • Synthetic Finish
  • EIFS
  • Skip Towel
  • Quoins and Reveals
  • Sand Finish
  • Hard Coat
  • Interior Plaster
  • Man-made Stone
  • Crown Molding

Guiding the Client

It is also pertinent to note that we fully educate our clients with stucco installation techniques before starting the project. We explain in detail the different stucco options they can choose from and which one suits their house. This will not only help you save considerable amount of money on your next renovation project but will meet your particular requirements in best manner possible. Most importantly, this helps us build trust and long-lasting relations with our valued customers.

Effective Installation

We have highly professional and trained experts on your panel. They have been working in the industry for years now and have complete know how of various stucco installation techniques. This helps us offer some of the fastest stucco siding installation times in the country. The best thing about us is that our team can complete the installation work in days. You will not see any of team members from Astra Construction at your premises after a few days. The installation process is odorless and pain free to say the least.

Stucco installation has been the hallmark of Astra Construction right from the start. Our clientele consists of business owners, private homeowners and business owners of both small and large organizations.

We have extensive expertise in exterior surfacing and finishing including stucco installation. What we offer to our clients are the workmanship and professional personnel of highest quality. You can ask any of our representatives for referrals and contact directly to our previous customers for their feedback.

Astra Construction pledges the commitment of providing state of the art products and services of the highest quality no matter it is a complete resurfacing of a large building or overhauling a small project.

Free Consultation

We also offer free consultation and estimates in addition to 100% customer’s satisfaction. We offer some of the most exclusive stucco designs. Our stucco finishes provide a vast array of colors and textures as well as safety, durability and consistency throughout your home.

We use latest technology and high-quality ingredients to design your walls. We can proudly say that we help you get one of a kind wall finish which no one else can offer.

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